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Belgian Malinois

October 19, 2011

Belgian Malinois is one of the popular breeds of the dogs which are mostly used as the

guard dogs or used in the police departments as well. This breed is considered as the variety of the Belgian Shepherd but in most of the countries it is called asBelgian Malinois. This breed is one of the good watch and guard dogs. Like the German Shepherd is also used in the army and the police departments for the different operations and tasks.

Belgian Malinois History:

Belgian Malinois word is derived from the French Word which is Mechlinian so it refers to the German Shepherd of the Mechelen. This breed is one of the good breed and popular in the United States and the Belgium which is its origin. It were originated as the sheep dogs for the lookafter of the sheep. Belgian Tervuren and Belgian Groenecdael are also the Belgian Sheep Dogs. Most of the countries and the clubs refer these all dogs to the one breed.

Belgian Malinois Appearance:

Belgian Malinois have the good body structure with the good body length as well. Body is the little bit square and have the proper body proportion overall. Legs have normal length and have good strength. Legs can be seen from the front view or from the side view as well. Feet have the cat-like shape. Chest is normally deep and the skull is flat. This flat skull slightly slopped downward. It has black nose and the brown eyes. Eyes have almond shape and have medium size.

Belgian Malinois have the good double coat which provides it safety from the severe weathers and the different condition just like the water temperature. Coat has short hair and can be found in the various colors and the patterns. We can see the blackish color common in the all coats and the breeds. Ears have the erect shaped and have almost black color. Tail is the lighter and has normal length which has the same hair which we see at the body coat.

height varies between the 24inches to 28 inches which is the good height for the guard and the watch dog. Weight of this breed can be 55kg to 60kg which is good according to its size and the height.

Belgian Malinois Characteristics:

It is one of the popular breed due to its guarding and the watching characteristics.

It basically belongs to the Belgian sheep dogs which were originated for the look after of the sheep. It provides you strong protection in various conditions. Belgian Malinois is the good observer and the obedient dog. This is also well socialize and not very sensitive. For the best protection and socialize pet you have to train it very well so that it can give you a better performance.

These dogs are the good guard and active. This breed is also used in the police departments just like the German Shepherd. This type of the work is the basic need of this breed to avoid the change in behavior. This breed should be set free but you should have to show the firmness in the ownership of Belgian Malinois. If you socialize it well then it can be a good companion with the other pets like the cats and other small canines.

It needs the care and the time. You have to provide the daily time to your pet. You should have the experience of the ownership before having this, otherwise it can be difficult for you to handle this type of dog. The way of treatment with this dog can also cause the temperament and the aggressiveness in this dog. So you should always care about it. So you must also know this dog behavior before having this dog. Daily exercise and the training with the good companionship is also necessary for this dog.

Belgian Malinois Health:

This breed doesn’t have any specific health issue. Some general health problems just like the skin allergies and the eyes problems can be happen. To avoid these issues you have to take care about the health and the nutrition.

Belgian Malinois Feed:

Belgian Malinois doesn’t need any special type of breed but the breed with the good nutrition level is necessary to keep the pet active and fit. This can also avoid the several health issues. But one thing should be keep in mind that dog should not be overfeed this can be dangerous for your dog health and the activeness.

Belgian Malinois Care:

Belgian Malinois require the time of the owner so you must have some time daily. Daily Exercise and the proper training is the basic necessity. You should take care about the coat of this dog to avoid the skin and the eye problems. The plates in which you give the food should be clean daily otherwise it will cause the health issues. For the best pet you should teach your children that how to behave with this breed.

Belgian Malinois Expenditures:

A good Quality of the Belgian Malinois will cost you near about the same price like German Shepherd because these have the same characteristics and working. A good quality puppy of this breed will cost you the 800$ to 1000$. If you are looking for the Young Malinois which have good training and characteristics can cost you between the 2000$ to 2500$.

Belgian Malinois is the good guarding dog and has good characteristics as well. If you are looking for the best breed for home or for the farm protection this can be a good choice.


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